The world situation and what lies ahead

Mon, Aug 11th 2014, 21:33
     An informed debate will include a full spectrum of voices, I have heard the following statement made by commenters on numerous sites; "I don't get why some people hate him...."referring to our current president.      Let me help clarify. For my part hate is not the word, extreme aversion to the policies of his administration would be more accurate. It is increasingly clear that we as a nation are in the throes of cultural arbitrage, what once was true is no longer true, many traditional values are being bulldozed to make way for some socially trans-format...


Thu, Apr 17th 2014, 05:15
//       With our next major Elections swiftly approaching, the smell meter is off the charts...      One of the many techniques employed by major media to supress, quash, and out-rite destroy any opposing voice was exposed this week at http://, this sickening example speaks volumes of the left's media machine.     The major analytics site is working off of a directive to disrupt and negatively impact the viewership.. and ad-revenue to major conservative sites and media outlets..   WND EXCLUSIVE Cau...

A tyranical taxing authority

Wed, Apr 16th 2014, 19:58
     Quoting a friend, Matt Kibbe, who wrote; "April 15th... today is tax day. What an awful day. I'm sick of the IRS stealing my hard earned money, and I know you are too. Senator Ted Cruz recently said it's time to "Abolish the IRS!" Sign the petition if you agree:      To my friends who would maintain the status quo: What do you find so compelling and worth maintaining (in perpetuating the existing structure), about the the following revelations?      Skewed election results which through manip...

What is this nation doing to itself.

Wed, Mar 26th 2014, 21:05
      I've read many posts regarding #ACA the "Affordable Care Act", and am seeing the rift that plagues our public discourse. This great divide is driven by each of our devotion to our private agendas which naturally implies our self interest... or what we rely on for support. This tends to result in a great many subjective "perceived" truths which we seem to be willing to throttle each other over.     Does the federal bureaucracy have the jurisdiction to do this?       In this latest Supreme Court Contest #SCOTUS over Hobby Lobb...

We Look At A Five Year Old Projection

Sat, Feb 15th 2014, 14:29
      In re-visiting an older post, I notice that the predictions quoted, turned out to be generally correct and of value if one had acted on the advice given.     Here is a short extract from that very lenthy post: INVESTMENT STRATEGY FOR TODAYS ECONOMY       " With the monetary policies that our previous, and the new administration are cooking up, and the resulting downward action in the markets (total 60% loss in the last 18 months, the stage is being set for a revolution in the way w...
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